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Investigate the Syrian cyber war without getting hacked

7 Ways to Defy Death

Learn about technologies that will help humans live longer

American Mall Game

Manage an American Mall while keeping a balanced monthly income and expenses to maintain the happiness level of the mall experience for all

Brexit Bus

Ride the Brexit Bus and see how long you can keep it going from crashing

Budget Game of Survival

Learn how to budget so you have enough cash to spare throughout the whole month

Build Your Own Trading Bot

Play to see if you can beat the market by using the Wall Street Journal trading bot

Candidate Match Game

Find your candidate match for the 2012 presidential election

Chair the Fed

Play and see if you have what it takes to be in charge of monetary policy

Choose Your Own Adventure: Renting

Choose your own journey in renting a living space

College Scholarship Tycoon

Move up your college ranking, while considering wisely who to award to financial aids to.

Commuter's Challenge

Explore how disruptions can adversely impact commuters

Could You Be A Cricket Umpire

Play and see if you can be a cricket umpire

Could You Be Speaker

Expand your knowledge on what is allowed and what isn't inside the House of Commons

Cutthroat Captialism: The Game

Experience capitalism in a pirate fashion

Delivery Drone

Collect packages and deliver them by flying a drone

EpiPen Tycoon

Make EpiPen investors happy while keeping the public outrage at minimal by charging the price of the product reasonably


Learn how to recognize fake news

Food Import Folly

Try to protect the country from foreign contaminants in food imports using limited resources