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The ReDistricting Game


Focus: Infographic

Learn about political districting and how the system functions

The ReDistricting game is designed to educate players about the issues and complexity of political districting. Currently, the political system in most states allows the state legislators themselves to draw the lines. The system involves a wide range of manipulations that encourage incumbents to draw the district lines in order to protect their seats. In the game, players are given the power to draw the congressional district lines in which they must complete tasks and establish population equality of a certain number while maintaining a peaceful political climate. The objective of the game is to teach and enable interactive experiences for players to grasp the congressional redistricting process.

Created by USC Game Innovation Lab

By Chris Swain, Peggy Weil, Jeremy Bernstein, Duane Dunfield, Chris Collings, Andrew Saunders, Heather Todd and many more