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The Amazon Race


Focus: Editorial

Experience what it is like to work in an Amazon warehouse

Based on interviews with eight former and current workers, the game allows players to get a glimpse of what it is like to work in the Amazon's Melbourne warehouse. As the day progresses, it can get pretty hectic.It the players' job to decide how the day will go for the Amazon worker in the game so that he or she can get through the day while maintaining a high pick rate. At the end of the narrative, a screen pops up and ask if we want to read an article about what it is like working in Amazon or learn more about the game. The article reveals some insights from interviewees saying that the company "resent him or her because they are not a robot," or that "the workplace is built around the culture of fear.

Created by ABC News Story Lab

Reporting: Margaret Burin Design: Ben Spraggon Illustration and development: Nathan Hoad Editor: Matt Liddy